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The International Aircraft Dealers Association strives to be the collective force influencing and shaping the aircraft transaction industry. It seeks to be the acknowledged leader in developing standards for efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions, valued by highly skilled aircraft transaction professionals and viewed by them as crucial to their success. Working for business aircraft owners globally, the International Aircraft Dealers Association provides a facility for professional standards, ethics and exchange of information among its members and to the public for the purpose of creating a more efficient market, facilitating transactions and providing transparency into the transaction process, thereby increasing business aircraft ownership and usage worldwide.


Why become an IADA Accredited Dealer?

IADA Accredited Dealers are a select few that have earned Membership in the International Aircraft Dealers Association by meeting rigorous standards that ensure only the most respected and experienced dealers become IADA Members. Once granted initial IADA Accreditation, Dealers must be re-accredited every three (3) years. This process enhances marketing value for the Dealer while providing customers with efficient, ethical and effective aircraft transactions.

Requirements to Be an IADA Accredited Dealer

Every IADA Dealer must:

  1. Be in business for a minimum of five (5) years.
  2. Average a minimum of ten (10) transactions per year.
  3. Be recommended by three (3) current IADA Dealers. See the complete list of IADA Dealers here.
  4. Sign the IADA Code of Ethics annually.
  5. Be approved for Membership by a majority of IADA Dealers
  6. Have a minimum of three Brokers in your firm. At least 50% of your Brokers must achieve IADA Certified Broker status within 12 months of you becoming an IADA Member.
  7. Agree to list your inventory of aircraft on AircraftExchange.com
  8. Carry a minimum of $1M Liability and $1M E&O insurance
  9. Have a non-residential office of a minimum-specified size.
  10. Complete annual ethics and compliance training.
  11. After accreditation, agree to retain the following data for five (5) years: 1) Listing/Acquisition Agreement, 2) Aircraft Specifications, 3) Letter of Intent (LOI) and Amendments, and 4) Purchase Agreement and Amendments.

New IADA Dealer Accreditation Steps

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Apply for Accreditation

New Members apply for accreditation by filling out an online application. The link to the application will be sent directly from IADA to the New Member’s email. After completing the application an email will be sent from Joseph Allan to the Dealer with instructions on how to pay the $500 non-refundable application fee.


Sponsors and Comment Period

After you apply for accreditation, Joseph Allan will contact the 3 sponsors listed on the application. In addition to soliciting the sponsors’ feedback, IADA will announce New Member applicants and ask the current Membership to provide written feedback regarding your Dealership directly to Joseph Allan.

Information obtained by Joseph Allan during the Comment Period (including sponsor feedback) will be sent to the IADA Membership Committee. The IADA Membership Committee will review membership comments and make a recommendation to the IADA Board of Directors. If the IADA Board of Directors votes to approve your application after reviewing the IADA Membership Committee recommendation the Dealer applicant will proceed to Step 3. The Comment Period is generally open for 2 weeks following application.


IADA Standards Questionnaire

The IADA Standards Questionnaire will guide you step by step through each standard. Each step states the standard and outlines acceptable evidence. Evidence that shows how your Dealership meets the IADA Dealer Accreditation Standards is submitted via Dropbox.


Review of Evidence

Once you complete the Standards Questionnaire and submit the relevant evidence, Joseph Allan will begin the review process. At the conclusion of the review, Joseph Allan will submit a final report to IADA for review and vote.


IADA Review and Vote

The IADA Board of Directors will award your Dealership accreditation or deny your application for accreditation. If the Board of Directors votes to accredit your Dealership, a $4,500 accreditation fee will be assessed at the time of approval. The initial accreditation period is 3 years.

IADA has partnered with a third-party accreditation firm, Joseph Allan, LLC, to administer the accreditation process. New members will start the accreditation process by completing the application on the Joseph Allan website.

Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted by Joseph Allan via email. This email will provide instructions on how to make the non-refundable application payment. Once payment is processed, your Dealership will enter the IADA New Member Comment Period.

IADA Products and Services Membership

Products and Services members are those companies whose primary focus is related to the support of an aircraft transaction; whether their expertise is finance, legal, tax, escrow, or maintenance.

The membership application process for Products and Services membership begins with an applicant completing the standard application. As part of the application process, the candidate will contact three IADA members to ask for their support as a sponsor.

The IADA membership currently votes on new Products & Services applicants twice a year. If you would like more information please contact Wayne Starling.

New Member Application Form

  • Dealer Application – We are not currently accepting applications. If you have questions, please contact Wayne Starling.
  • Products & Services Application – We are not currently accepting applications. If you have questions, please contact Wayne Starling.


The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) was formed in 1991 as The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) when eight of the country’s leading aircraft dealers came together to assure aircraft buyers and sellers of the highest level of ethics, experience, standards and trust. Since then, the organization has grown to be a worldwide association of more than 100 Aircraft Dealers, Brokers and business aviation product and service companies that do business in over 100 countries.

In 2018, NARA officially changed its name to IADA to reflect its constant presence around the world and international domination of pre-owned aircraft sales. Although just 3% of all aircraft dealers have earned IADA Membership, they are responsible for over 60% of all pre-owned aircraft sales globally.

IADA Code of Ethics

To be a Member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), an organization must agree to commit itself to our strict code of conducting business.

All IADA Members:

  • Shall create and maintain a reputation for honesty, integrity and transparency and shall adhere to the highest ethical standards in their dealings with other Members, their respective clients and all other parties.
  • Shall be committed to constantly improving the quality of their services, products, and operations in order to provide a superior level of service, knowledge and value to their respective customers.
  • Shall accurately represent their authority to show, demonstrate and sell an aircraft.
  • Shall, as expeditiously as possible, submit to the seller all offers received. Once an offer has been accepted, all prospective purchasers, if any, will be informed of the accepted offer.
  • In attempting to secure an exclusive listing, shall not deliberately mislead the owner as to the market value of the aircraft.
  • When specifically acting as exclusive agent for an exclusive buyer or seller, shall not accept commission from more than one party to a transaction without the full knowledge of the principal(s) of the transaction.
  • Shall compensate, directly or indirectly, employees of the parties to a transaction only with the written knowledge of the subject party.
  • Shall present to the best of their knowledge accurate specifications of an aircraft for sale, and shall make truthful representations to the public.
  • Shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of all known pertinent facts relating to a transaction.
  • Shall provide a level of competent service in keeping with the highest standards of business and professionalism in the field of aircraft resale.
  • Shall reveal their true ownership or interest in any aircraft they represent to the purchaser or his/her representative.
  • Shall disclose any interest in other entities whose services they suggest or recommend that a client or owner use, and shall disclose any financial benefit they may receive as a result of the use of those services.
  • Shall make full disclosure of charges and costs associated with any agreement.
  • Shall use reasonable care to ensure that documents pertaining to the purchase and sale of aircraft are kept current through the use of written extensions and amendments.

Board of Directors

The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is led by a Board of Directors selected from among the body of IADA Certified Aircraft Dealers and Brokers. IADA Dealers and Brokers are among the most respected and most experienced business aircraft professionals in the world, specializing in the acquisition and sale of previously-owned business aircraft of all makes and models.

Brian Proctor

Brian Proctor, Chairman

Brian Proctor is a founder and President of Mente Group, LLC and has been serving private aviation clients for 10 years. Having been involved in over $3.5 billion in aircraft transactions and over $5 billion in aviation business planning, Brian's experience is sought by corporations and individuals, worldwide.

After serving for six years in the US Army as an infantry Ranger and intelligence officer, Brian left the military to pursue a career in the private sector. After working at Transamerica Corporation, Mr. Proctor served as consultant, COO and President of CAAP and later Leading Edge.

Brian serves on several industry boards and is involved with the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. He holds a BA degree in International Studies in Politics and Diplomacy from the University of Richmond and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Chris Meisner

Chris Meisner, Secretary

Chris is Vice President of Meisner Aircraft, a Wisconsin-based firm consistently ranked in the top five of inventorying dealers in the world in inventory transactions. He is a fourth-generation aviation professional starting in 1925 with his great grandfather Edward C. Meisner, who was a mechanic for National Air Transport, the precursor of United Airlines. Meisner Aircraft has been a well-respected family company since it was founded in 1979, known for its success in facilitating trade-in deals for its customers and fellow dealers worldwide. Chris was a member of the 2005 National Championship basketball team at John Brown University, which made a historic Cinderella upset run from the lowest seed. He earned a degree in Business Management, with a minor in Marketing, and later earned his pilot’s license. Chris and his wife, Anna, reside in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with their four sons.

Michael "Doc" Dwyer

Michael "Doc" Dwyer, Treasurer

Vice President Mike "Doc" Dwyer is focused on growing Guardian Jet’s presence throughout the U.S. Prior to joining Guardian Jet, Doc worked as a flight instructor for Monarch Air in Addison, Texas. He is a 1,000-hour pilot and has earned his CFI, CFII and Multi-Engine Commercial ratings. Doc was born into the aviation industry, following his father’s and uncle’s lifelong industry involvement. In 2009, he joined Guardian Jet where he eventually became head of the company’s consulting efforts. Doc is now Vice President of Sales and Account Manager for many of Guardian Jet’s large accounts throughout the U.S. As a pilot, he brings many skills and, most importantly, a vast knowledge of the business aviation industry to share with Guardian Jet’s existing clients. Doc earned a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

Todd Jackson

Todd Jackson, Board Member

Todd has been with Elliott Aviation since 1988. He has been Aircraft Sales Manager and Vice President of Acquisitions for the past 18 years. Todd has completed over 250 aircraft jet and turbo prop transactions. Today, he is responsible for used aircraft acquisitions for Elliott Jets. He graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1997 with a degree in Aeronautical Studies and is an active pilot with over 1,500 hours. He holds private, commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings.

Mitch McCune

Mitch McCune, Board Member

Mitch was quite literally born into the business. Today he is a Partner and President of Corporate Fleet Services, where he has facilitated more than 300 aircraft transactions domestically and internationally. He is known as a valued resource and strategic partner for leading financial institutions, manufacturers and the dealer community. As one of the largest stocking dealers in the industry, Mitch has forged relationships with many Fortune 500 companies. Mitch is an industry thought leader, sought after to speak and offer his opinion on industry matters. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from UNC–Charlotte and is a commercial pilot with over 20 years of flying experience.

Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby, Board Member

Paul has been involved in aviation since he began taking flying lessons in his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, more than 20 years ago. While in college at the University of Colorado, Paul held a number of different pilot positions that provided him the opportunity to fly and experience a wide variety of aircraft. After college, Paul co-founded Kirby Ramsey Aviation, a successful aircraft sales company specializing in the refurbishment and sale of high-performance piston aircraft. Paul co-founded Cerretani Aviation Group in 2003 where he has worked with Fortune 100 companies, high-net-worth individuals and aircraft lenders in the sale and acquisition of their aircraft. Paul holds a Commercial pilot’s license with over 4,500 hours flight time and continues to fly regularly.

Peter Antonenko

Peter Antonenko, Board Member

Peter Antonenko is Chief Operating Officer of Jetcraft. He oversees the company’s operations and legal divisions. Prior to joining Jetcraft, Peter was a corporate lawyer at Fafinski Mark & Johnson, a commercial law firm specializing in aviation, where he participated in both litigation and transactional work, developing commercial and corporate aircraft purchase and lease agreements for lenders and buyers. He received his Law degree with an emphasis on corporations, taxation and commercial transactions at the Creighton University School of Law. Peter lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.

John Foster

John Foster, Chairman Emeritus

“Johnny” is President and CEO of OGARAJETS, based in Atlanta, Georgia. OGARAJETS has offered aircraft brokerage, acquisition, sales and leasing services worldwide since 1980. Johnny joined OGARAJETS in 1991 and was named President in 2005. During his tenure, the company has purchased and sold in excess of $3 billion of business aircraft. He has served on various committees and boards for the Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA) and National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA). Johnny is an active member of the Southern 7 Chapter of YPO.

IADA Products and Services Member Advisory Council

Our Products and Services Member Advisory Council consists of leaders focused on those services offered by IADA Products and Services Members, including: Aircraft Management & Charter; Aircraft Manuals; Aircraft Valuations; Education & Training; Escrow Services; Financing & Leasing; Flight Planning; Fractional Aircraft Program; Fuel; Hourly Cost Maintenance; Industry Publications; Insurance; IRS 1031 Like-Kind Exchange; Legal, Tax & Title; Maintenance & Overhaul Services; Maintenance Tracking; and Operations & Management.

Stephan Asper

Stephan Asper, Chairman

Stephan has a 42-year aircraft industry background, including 30 years in aircraft financing. He began his career with Cessna Finance Corporation in 1974 where he rose to become Director, Marketing. He has since broadened his experience with senior aircraft financing management positions with Bank One, United National Bank and IAM Aircraft Finance Group. Stephan joined Aero Records & Title Company in 2004 as Vice President, Marketing and served as President from 2008 to 2010. He then joined AIC Title Service, LLC, as Senior Vice President Marketing responsible for New Business Development and Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations on both national and international levels. Stephan is a long-standing member of National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) serving on the Board of Directors and two terms as Board President. He is a licensed pilot with an Instrument Rating and over 1,500 hours of flight time.

John Prock

John Prock, 1st Vice Chairman

John is Director of Aircraft Asset Management for Banc of America Leasing’s Corporate Aircraft Finance Group. John has oversight of all activates surrounding the return and resale/release of all aircraft that come off their lease portfolio. After graduating from Minnesota State University Mankato he went to work for a local aircraft brokerage firm as their market researcher and sale coordinator. John has more than 20 years of experience in structuring and managing aircraft transactions. He holds a multi-engine private pilot certificate.

Keith Hayes

Keith Hayes, 2nd Vice Chairman

Keith Hayes is Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager of PNC Aviation Finance. Prior to joining PNC Aviation Finance in 2017, Keith was with Regions Bank, BB&T and GE Capital for 27 years where he held numerous leadership roles across different business lines, including the last eight years as National Sales Manager for GE Capital Corporate Aircraft Finance. Keith holds a BA in Business Administration and a MIS degree from the University of North Florida.

Andrew Young

Andrew Young, Secretary

Andrew joined AMSTAT in 1994 and since 2013 has served as the General Manager for the AMSTAT market research business which includes Aircraft Shopper Online. He previously held positions as the AMSTAT Sales Manager and the AMSTAT & ASO Director of Sales and Customer Service. Andrew is active member of the business aviation community having served on the board of directors for the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), as Education Chair for the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), as a HAI Finance and Leasing Committee member and most recently as the IADA Products and Services Member Advisory Council Secretary. Andrew has been a speaker at many industry trade shows, conferences and client seminars.

IADA Administration

Wayne Starling

Wayne Starling, Executive Director

Wayne has specialized in aircraft finance for nearly 20 years, most recently as Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager for PNC Aviation Finance. His role will be to help guide the various IADA committees as the organization develops third party accreditation, certification improvements and our forthcoming international aircraft search portal. He brings an important perspective and background to IADA, having served as both a NARA board member and on the board of the National Aviation Finance Association (NAFA). NAFA recently awarded him its Lifetime Achievement Award for leadership, contributions and service to the association, its members and the aviation industry.