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Aircraft Ownership and Sales Experience Gives Cerretani Aviation Group An Edge

This is the information age. On one hand, the data the average person can find is incredibly valuable. Never before have people had at their fingertips so much information to help them make informed decisions. On the other hand, much of the information available is misleading or just plain wrong. Without the right experience and market knowledge, even the most intelligent business executive can get lost trying to determine what is valuable and factual and what is misleading.

That’s where the partners of Cerretani Aviation Group, LLC, can help.

“From a storm of market data and opinion, we are able to extract the facts that are important to our clients, correlate these with their goals and lead them to the best decision for their business,” explains Nick Cerretani, President of Cerretani Aviation Group. “The ability to distil the germane from the superfluous is an essential component of good decision-making and predictable results. That’s what we help our clients do.”

The expertise and understanding of all the partners at Cerretani Aviation Group helps clients make the best decision based on an understanding of the experience of owning an aircraft from acquisition through to the point of its sale. Cerretani says they help clients make decisions by looking at the total package of aircraft ownership including its operation cost and its ability to hold future resale value rather than just on the price of the aircraft at the point of its purchase.

First-hand aviation experience dating back to 1975 is at the core of Cerretani Aviation Group’s expertise. Although the company was formed in 2003, the company’s partners are pilots who have more than 30 years of experience with flight operations, aircraft management and budgeting, maintenance management and budgeting, Part 135 management, large fleet management, international flight transactions and aircraft finance.

In 2003, Cerretani Aviation Group joined the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).  However, Nick Cerretani has been a member continuously since 1992.

“Belonging to NARA is very important to us,” Cerretani says. “The last few years have presented challenges unprecedented in the history of General Aviation. Organizations from manufacturers to flight schools have been required to anticipate, evolve and innovate at a very high level in order to survive.  The ability to discuss common industry problems and solutions with many of the best minds in the industry is fundamental in achieving this level of performance.  In the aircraft sales industry, NARA is the only organization that provides this type of forum and our participation has been well worth the effort, both for our company and for our clients.”

For more information about Cerretani Aviation Group, visit their website at CerretaniAviation.com or call 303-469-4114.

Posted on: March 13, 2012