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Responsiveness, Longevity and Expertise Help Duncan Aviation Guide Its Clients

Founded in 1956, Duncan Aviation’s roots are in aircraft sales. The company was selling business aircraft when business aviation was still in its infancy. Founder Donald Duncan knew that private aviation was the answer to a lot of the problems business people faced. An airplane could help a rural doctor make more calls. It could help a manufacturer obtain more clients. And it could help transport people across the country more cost-effectively. That is why he bought a Beechcraft distributorship and began selling airplanes.

Now, more than 55 years later, Duncan Aviation is known worldwide for its comprehensive business aircraft maintenance and refurbishment services. With more than 30 locations and over 2,000 team members worldwide, the service company supports the most-used business aircraft with tip-to-tail services. The company also continues to provide excellent service to clients who want to acquire or sell a business aircraft.

The Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales team has many resources within its reach. From comprehensive, daily market research to legal advice and from the nuances of aircraft imports/exports to the knowledge of how to successfully operate and manage a charter service, the expertise at Duncan Aviation runs deep.

“When someone hires Duncan Aviation to help them acquire or sell an aircraft, they receive value from Duncan Aviation’s network of aviation experts,” says Steve Gade, Vice President of Aircraft Sales and Marketing. “We have team members located at airports throughout the world who, on a daily basis, interact with those in the industry who are using and selling business aircraft. This network provides our Aircraft Sales team with a great resource to locate aircraft buyers and sellers and ultimately help our clients meet their aircraft transaction goals.”  

In 1991, Duncan Aviation joined the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) as a founding member.  

“Our NARA-related relationships and resources complement our own nicely and help us move with a high degree of speed and confidence for our customers,” Steve continues. “We can contact any NARA member at any time and immediately have experience-based perspectives and solutions of which we have an extremely high level of trust.”

For more information about Duncan Aviation, visit their website at DuncanAviation.aero or call 402-475-2611. You can also read expert articles written by Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales representatives and their team members at http://blog.duncanaviation.aero/.

Posted on: March 27, 2012