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AMSTAT Provides Timely and Accurate Business Aircraft Market Data

Tracking the global business and private aircraft market and fleet is an insurmountable task for the average company in business aviation. Doing so would simply take too much time and require too many resources to be cost-effective.

That’s where AMSTAT Inc. comes in.

AMSTAT helps its clients identify market trends by performing business aircraft market research and presenting detailed information on the worldwide fleet and marketplace of business and private jets, turboprops and turbine helicopters.

Andrew Young, AMSTAT’s Director of Sales, explains that “the services that AMSTAT provides allow the leading brokers and dealers in business aircraft sales to work more effectively in three ways.  Firstly, they can quickly identify market trends, locate the best aircraft for their clients and determine the exact serial number aircraft that will fill a hole in their inventory; secondly, they can more easily reach out to likely aircraft buyers; and thirdly, AMSTAT services enable our clients to uncover new opportunities and to generate new business.”

AMSTAT’s suite of services include: Premier Online, Premier Mobile and AMSTAT StatPak.  However, while these effective and easy-to-use tools are important, Young says the most important product the company provides is the quality and integrity of its market data.

Founded in 1982 and based in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, AMSTAT introduced the concept of providing researched information to corporate aviation sales professionals.  AMSTAT’s clients are leading business aircraft brokers and dealers, aircraft financiers, OEMS, aircraft management and charter companies, fractional programs, fixed-base operators (FBOs) and aircraft maintenance providers.

AMSTAT is a founding member of the National Aircraft Resale Association’s Associate Member Group. Young says AMSTAT joined NARA  because the company shares the idea of promoting a consistently high set of ethical standards in the buying and selling of business aircraft.  Since joining, AMSTAT has been a regular contributor to the organization.  Multiple AMSTAT executives having served on and chaired various NARA committees, AMSTAT provides quarterly resale market updates to NARA members and has provided countless presentations on resale market conditions at NARA meetings. 

Young adds that “for AMSTAT, the value of NARA membership comes from the opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments and the opportunity to build strong long-term relationships with our clients and the other NARA members that we work with.”

For more information about AMSTAT, visit their website at amstatcorp.com or call 732-530-6400.

Posted on: April 24, 2012