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Guidance and Experience Set Banyan Air Service Apart

For many businesses, air travel via corporate aircraft is the most cost-effective means to quickly get people where they need to go so they can build relationships, visit facilities and meet clients. Finding the right aircraft match for your business needs isn’t always apparent. Today’s business aircraft market offers lots of choices and opportunities, but making the right choice for your needs is critical. Michael O’Keeffe, senior vice president of Banyan Air Service, says helping purchasers narrow their choices with an initial needs assessment is the first step in an aircraft acquisition.

“Our team of aircraft acquisition experts will present a series of thought-provoking questions to help evaluate what is important to a client. After we clearly understand what they value most and what their business needs are, we develop a series of aircraft recommendations that fit that client’s individual budget and travel requirements.” 

Michael says the Banyan team is uniquely qualified to help purchasers through this process because of their experience in the industry. They are pilots, maintenance professionals and aircraft owners. In addition to aircraft acquisition and sales, Banyan Air Service provides fuel service, aircraft maintenance, structural modifications, avionics installations, interior refurbishments, charter services and parts sales. This varied experience helps Banyan assist individuals and companies in understanding corporate travel options and their associated costs.

“Our experience offers a unique perspective into the science of optimal aircraft selection that simply cannot be offered by most other aircraft professionals,” Michael continues. 

To get a taste of this process, Banyan Air Service offers a simple “Airplane Finder” tool on its website. With this tool, a visitor can enter the type of aircraft in which they’re interested (jet, turboprop, etc.), the number of passengers they need in its seating configuration, the distance they want to fly in nautical miles and how much they want to spend. The tool will run through its database and return some possible options.

“The Aircraft Finder has been a tremendous tool for our customers and competitors alike,” Michael says. It quickly and easily allows a user to perform side-by-side general comparison of a variety of different aircraft.”

To see the Aircraft Finder, go to www.banyanair.com/as_plane_finder.asp.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Banyan was founded in 1979 and joined the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) in 2002.

“We joined NARA because of the commitment the association has to integrity and trust,” Michael says. “When we perform an acquisition, we start the search with fellow NARA members. If one has an aircraft that meets the client’s needs, the likelihood of a successful, drama-free transaction is increased exponentially.”

For more information about Banyan Air Services, visit their website at http://www.banyanair.com/ or call 954.491.3170.

Posted on: April 3, 2012