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1Q 2012 Business Aircraft Market Shows Improvement

Contributed by Bob McCammon, Aircraft Sales Rep with Duncan Aviation

Analysis of the first quarter for 2012 gives all indications that the business aircraft secondary market is improving. More buyers with a true need for business aircraft are entering the market as opposed to those who have been purchasing simply because prices have been low.

First Quarter Sales Transactions

The market for late-model, large-body aircraft has seen few transactions, while at the same time the light and mid-sized business aircraft have increased considerably. This is likely attributed to serious buyers exploring several markets for the best deals. Many markets have been depleted of quality domestic aircraft, leaving foreign aircraft available.

Available pre-2000 era aircraft continue to increase with few buyers, while prices of 1990 and older aircraft continue to decline with very little market activity.

Looking Ahead

The beginning of 2012 is substantially better than 2010 and is showing impressive improvement over 2011. We anticipate that the remainder of the year will continue to improve, with a firm rebound expected in 2013.

At Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions, we continue to expand our knowledge of the pre-owned aircraft market on a daily basis, assessing overall market strengths and weaknesses and determining numbers to evaluate pricing.

Bob McCammon, is an Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions Rep. at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska facility, specializing in turbine and turbo-prop aircraft. He began working in aviation in 1968.

Duncan Aviation is a founding member of NARA. To read more articles by Duncan Aviation aircraft experts, visit Duncan Aviation’s blog, Duncan Download.

Posted on: May 7, 2012