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Greenwich AeroGroup Provides Strong Expertise in Turboprop Sales and Acquisition

Through acquisitions of companies like Western Aircraft in Boise, Idaho, and Atlantic Aero in Greensboro, N.C., Greenwich AeroGroup has formed a nationwide network of some of the best companies that provide turboprop sales and service.

“We provide clarity to our customers through our specialized knowledge base,” says Phil Winters, Vice President of Aircraft Sales at  Greenwich AeroGroup. “This means we don’t try to sell or buy that which we do not know well. By involving the right experts at the right times in an aircraft sale or acquisition, we help our customers make good, solid financial decisions.”

Much of the clarity Winters refers to comes from Greenwich AeroGroup’s sales and acquisition process. A thorough interview with the client along with factual data is reviewed and discussed to help the client reach an objective within their terms, he explains.

In the purchase of an aircraft, Winters says Greenwich AeroGroup helps clients by providing thorough, professional and honest communication coupled with their knowledge and understanding of the aircraft and the competitive sales market.

In addition to helping clients buy and sell aircraft, Greenwich AeroGroup acts as a trusted consultant to fellow brokers for technical questions and issues on Falcon, Challenger, Learjet, Hawker, Citation, Pilatus, King Air and Caravan aircraft.  Colleen Back is the VP of National MRO Sales, and Brian Rehberg is the Director of Aircraft Products for Greenwich.  Rehbergh has developed a specialized pre-purchase aircraft survey/report that is available to brokers using a Greenwich AeroGroup facility for pre-purchase inspections.  He works with broker/dealers individually to help the broker be the expert to their clients during the delicate late stages of a sale or acquisition, when the pre-purchase inspection is being planned and executed.

With major offices in Wichita, Boise and Greensboro, among other locations, Greenwich AeroGroup is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).

“We truly enjoy our affiliation with NARA. Our affiliation tells our customers we are ethical and well-connected in the industry, and it certainly helps us network and make deals happen with an exclusive group in the industry,” Back says.

For more information about Greenwich AeroGroup,  visit their website at greenwichaerogroup.com or call 208-338-1800.

Posted on: May 8, 2012