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World Aviation Communications Helps Keep Aircraft Buyers and Sellers Informed and In Touch

With a variety of publishing titles and products, World Aviation Communications Ltd. strives to provide important informational services to buyers and sellers of aircraft worldwide. Through World Aircraft Sales magazine, BizJet Advisor magazine, Avbuyer.com and AvBuyerConnect, the company strives to link buyers and sellers around the world and provides useful information in an effort to promote the value of business aviation.

The company’s publications include the following:

World Aircraft Sales. This monthly print and digital magazine is the company’s flagship publication. Launched in 1996, World Aircraft Sales has a global reach with a readership of more than 90,000 people in more than 140 countries. In addition to listing aircraft for sale through display and classified advertisements, the publication prints articles about industry topics, including expert analysis and interviews with leading industry figures.

BizJet Advisor. This new print and digital magazine was launched in 2011. It is designed as a guide to business aviation for company decision makers. It is edited by Jack Olcott, a world renowned expert on the value of business aviation and the magazine provides useful, timely and geographically relevant information directly related to the ownership and operation of aircraft for business use around the world. It is published a handful of times and is targeted at the European, China and India markets.

AvBuyer.com. AvBuyer .com is one of the leading online listings of business and general aircraft for sale. Tied to the company’s print and digital magazines, the website has been operating for more than 10 years and has more than one million page views every month. The site allows users to quickly search its listings of aircraft for sale, explore aircraft pricing and research aircraft specifications while reaching out to sellers and forwarding information to contacts.

AvBuyer Connect. AvBuyer Connect combines the power of email marketing with powerful online and social features to maximize your marketing. Features include full HTML emails for great readability across desktops, tablets and phones, qualified and highly relevant mailing lists, web archiving to extend the reach of your message online, and beautifully designed email templates tuned to deliver results.

Based in Kingston, Surrey, in the United Kingdom, World Aviation Communications has been a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) for several years.  

“NARA provides the perfect opportunity for us to network with key individuals and companies within the industry whilst also benefiting from the collective knowledge of members and in the process learning more about the issues and challenges our industry faces,” says John Brennan, Owner of World Aviation Communications.  

For more information about World Aviation Communications and its publications, visit the company’s website at AvBuyer.com or call 800.620.8801.

Posted on: May 22, 2012