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Business Aircraft Leasing Inc. Reduces Stress of Acquiring or Selling Business Aircraft

With more than 30 years in business representing the needs of repeat clients that read like a “Who’s Who” of international business, Business Aircraft Leasing Inc. says they know how to obtain the best results in the acquisition and sale of business aircraft.

“Our reputation has been built on long-term relationships, and our experience, training, and proven track record set us apart from all our competitors,” says Chuck Mulle, President of Business Aircraft Leasing.  “These qualities give us the ability to ensure that our clients are pleased with the results we provide. ”

On the acquisition side, Mulle says Business Aircraft Leasing does more than simply locate an aircraft.  They construct a thorough market analysis comparing the best options available, make recommendations and handle all negotiations and contracting, thus minimizing their clients’ legal review.

“Acquiring an aircraft doesn’t have to take a lot of time and be stressful,” Jackie Henson, Executive Vice President, continues.  “Our network of sellers, brokers/dealers allows us to focus on the right acquisition for our clients.  We pride ourselves on being able to find a better aircraft with more desirable maintenance, cosmetics, history, times, engine status, and modifications at an attractive price.” 

When given the exclusive listing of an aircraft for sale, Business Aircraft Leasing does much more than simply introduce seller and buyer or owner and lessee. 

“We are able to initiate a thorough marketing process early, thereby reducing a client’s holding costs, including insurance, hangar and calendar maintenance,” says Rick Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. This process includes determining the aircraft’s real value, researching and analyzing the marketplace, advertising the aircraft in the right locations, scheduling professional photography, creating print and electronic brochures, listing the aircraft online and, if desired, managing the workscope of the prepurchase evaluation to minimize the seller’s fiscal exposure. “We are not so large that our listings get lost in the other mix of aircraft we represent,” Smith continues. “Yet we realize excellent results.”

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Business Aircraft Leasing joined the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) in 2006 and is also a member of National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Helicopter Association International (HAI) and National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA).

“NARA membership gives us the chance to get to know the best companies in the industry to do business with.  It is easier to work with someone you know and trust, and NARA gives us that ability. The information presented during the educational seminars is not readily available to our competitors, giving us the competitive advantage we enjoy. Most importantly, several clients have selected us, in part, due to our NARA membership.” Mulle says.

For more information about Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc., visit their website at baliaircraft.com or call 615-361-3781.

Posted on: June 5, 2012