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Jeteffect, Inc. Guides Clients Through Any Transaction Turbulence

Some aircraft sales transactions are more turbulent than others. Potential issues can arise from financing solutions, tax issues, trade-in aircraft, pilot staffing or any number of other potential rapids in the business of buying and selling aircraft. Each transaction needs its own level of oversight in order to arrive at a successful conclusion.

“Like a river guide carefully maneuvers his raft through Category V rapids, an aircraft broker/dealer needs to guide clients through their aircraft transaction,” says Bryan Comstock, Managing Director of Jeteffect. “Drawing on years of experience and industry relationships, Jeteffect can provide this guidance and help clients maneuver through virtually any potential obstacle.”

With four coast-to-coast offices, Jeteffect provides the specialized services of business aircraft sales, marketing and acquisitions for the light to the large-cabin aircraft segments. Its clients range from high-net-worth individuals to Fortune 500 companies. And, Comstock says, according to AvData, Jeteffect has sold more jets than any other broker/dealer for the last seven years.”  

“That gives us great transactional experience,” Comstock says, “which helps build up our knowledge base which, in turn, allows us to provide successful and meaningful outcomes for our clients.”

When helping clients with aircraft acquisitions, Jeteffect provides market intelligence to locate the aircraft best-suited for the client’s mission and is involved in every aspect of the deal, from inception to closing. This can include, but is not limited to, contracting, pre-purchase facility selection and oversight, escrow, international registry, bill of sale, 1031 like-kind exchanges, exports and delivery/closing in a tax-favorable location.

When helping clients sell aircraft, Jeteffect has a client’s aircraft professionally photographed and showcases it in a number of top aircraft resale publications. In addition to the printed magazine, the company maintains an online presence that broadcasts details to prospective purchasers around the world. In addition, Jeteffect has the industry resources and connections to provide clients with timely market and pricing information that helps them evaluate offers and make informed decisions.

Jeteffect is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).  

For more information about Jeteffect, visit their website at jeteffect.com or call 562-989-8800.

Posted on: June 19, 2012