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NARA Membership Provides Members and Clients a Competitive Advantage, Part 1

The mission of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) is to create a competitive advantage for members and their clients by leveraging their global, collective knowledge and maintaining the highest professional standards.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But exactly how does that work?

We asked both Dealer/Broker members and Associate members to tell us more about the benefits of NARA membership. According to their comments, NARA is meeting its mission and providing members with an advantage in the current business aircraft sales market.

Let’s look at what some NARA members had to say about the association’s value.

“As one of the early members of NARA, Eagle Aviation, Inc., has found NARA membership to be an extremely valuable tool. It’s great to know we can always pick up the telephone and call on a group we can trust to obtain their valuable knowledge, insight and expertise. When dealing with a NARA member, the customer can rest comfortably knowing his aircraft is being handled not only by an organization that is committed to excellence by being a NARA member, but also by an organization backed by the collective knowledge of the entire NARA community.”Eagle Aviation, Inc.

“NARA membership gives us the chance to get to know some of the best brokers and companies in the industry. It is easier to work with someone you know and trust, and NARA gives us that ability. The information presented during the educational seminars is not readily available to our competitors. Most importantly, several clients have selected us, in part, due to our NARA membership.”Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.

“In the general aviation industry, like most industries, well-developed relationships are what make companies successful where others fail. As dynamic and as technical as our industry is, one cannot be an expert on all things. By pooling together our collective knowledge, there is not one question our company or any other NARA member cannot answer for our clients. That is the NARA advantage.”Jack Prewitt & Associates

“As NARA Associate members for more than 19 years, we value the strong relationships we have built with the most influential and reputable aircraft dealers and brokers in the industry. The semi-annual NARA meetings are always informative and provide an excellent foundation to network and keep a pulse on the pre-owned aircraft market. We believe our collaboration with NARA members allows JSSI to discover new business opportunities.” – Jet Support Services, Inc.

“Our NARA-related relationships and resources help us move with high degrees of speed and competence for our customers. We can contact any member at any time and immediately have experience-based perspectives and solutions of which we have an extremely high level of trust.”Duncan Aviation

“As founding members of NARA, we are very pleased and excited about the organization as it enters its third decade. We benefit daily from the membership of NARA. Since the membership not only includes the best and most ethical dealers in the world, it also allows us to speak with companies with many different disciplines; that includes title companies, finance organizations, insurance and other aviation fields. We look forward to the continued success of NARA and its members!”Gantt Aviation, Inc.


Posted on: June 6, 2012