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NARA Membership Provides Members and Clients a Competitive Advantage, Part 2

Last week, we mentioned that the mission of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) is to create a competitive advantage for members and their clients by leveraging their global, collective knowledge and maintaining the highest professional standards.

We heard from NARA members who say NARA is meeting its mission. This week, we hear comments from additional members about the association’s value.

“1st Source Bank is honored to have been the first Associate member of NARA and joined when the organization was founded more than 20 years ago. We are attracted by the opportunity to share information with trusted industry experts that ultimately makes us more informed and, therefore, better lenders and bankers.

“NARA gatherings allow us the opportunity for face-to-face meetings in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere, bringing together many aviation industry professionals serving various markets in one location. It is both cost-efficient and educational. The relationships developed through NARA are meaningful, enduring and, oftentimes, personal.

“Additionally, we want to be part of a group that advocates for the overall good of the general aviation community. Quite simply, NARA has helped our organization grow.”1st Source Bank

“Clay Lacy has been a NARA member since 2004. Over the past eight years, we have enjoyed many benefits of being an active member of NARA. The semiannual meetings are very interesting and informative, with speakers from the aviation industry and others that are not directly involved in aviation, but present topics of interest. The major benefit of being a member is getting a chance to meet in person all of the other Dealer/Brokers and the Associate members. It affords all of us a great opportunity to network with each other and to get to know the individual members on a personal level.” – Clay Lacy Aviation

“NARA represents every phase of aircraft acquisition and ownership through its Brokers and Dealers, and represents all aspects of aircraft-related services, including leasing and financing through the Associate membership. The association has afforded us the opportunity to network throughout the industry with both existing as well as new members nationally. Our company has benefited from the access to these industry experts to assist with our bank clients’ aviation and financial requirements. Their market knowledge, transaction guidance, and professional business practices are industry-leading and consistent with our own operating principles. Our membership in NARA has been beneficial to our clients and our business and has continued to prove its value each year.”Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Corporate Aircraft Finance

“When we started TVPX ten years ago, we knew we needed to build a strong foundation. The building blocks for that foundation included building relationships throughout the aviation industry with aircraft manufacturers, finance companies, law firms, title companies, accounting firms, aircraft brokers and aircraft dealers. By joining NARA, we were able to cover a large segment of the aviation industry all at once with many of the most respected businesses in the industry. Those business relationships, many of which have turned into friendships, have been invaluable to the success of our business. We don’t classify relationships and friendships as assets on our balance sheet, but if our balance sheet included good will, the relationships we have developed through NARA would be among our most valuable assets.” – TVPX 1031 Exchange Co.

Posted on: June 13, 2012