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CIT Business Aircraft Provides Unique Aircraft Financing Solutions

Buying or selling an aircraft can be stressful enough without worrying about financing and the possibility of surprises during the transaction.

That is why Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head of CIT Business Aircraft, says CIT strives for a “no surprises” underwriting and documentation process while providing cost-effective financing solutions worldwide on new and used aircraft as well as fractional shares.

“Business jet owners want transparency and predictability in the financing process,” Kahmann says. “CIT Business Aircraft provides both.”

Dedicated to the business aviation industry for more than four decades, CIT’s team is experienced in the aviation market and knows what it takes to quickly complete a transaction. Kahmann says CIT does this by striving to understand the business objectives of their customers and tailoring a financing package that fits those objectives. The team communicates openly and honestly to ensure that customers understand all of the costs of financing. And they make sure that customers have a “no surprises” experience, starting with the loan application and ending with the closing. “This customization, transparency and predictability are real benefits for our customers,” Kahmann says. “And that’s what makes us different.”

CIT Business Aircraft is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).  

”We have been NARA members since 2004 and during that time we have seen the benefits of membership through NARA’s extensive network of aircraft dealers,” Kahmann says. “The relationships we’ve developed through our membership have been integral to our business as a finance organization, and NARA’s events provide valuable opportunities for us to stay close to industry trends and the financing needs of our customers.”

For more information about CIT Business Aircraft, visit their website at www.cit.com/businessair or call 954-359-4646.

Posted on: August 14, 2012