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Aircraft Bluebook–Price Digest Provides Standard Valuation Guide for General and Business Aviation

For more than 60 years, Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest has provided the general and business aircraft marketplace with information designed to give the most accurate, comprehensive and timely assessment of the aircraft market through its aircraft valuation guide and aircraft appraisal services.

The researchers at Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest are able to provide current market data on business aviation aircraft to their clients. Not only is the overall value recognized, but a perspective of individual aircraft markets is also shared.

“Our products provide clients with timely market information with regard to a specific aircraft,” says Carl Janssens, Chief Appraiser for Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest. “They can then make a knowledgeable decision regarding the sale, purchase or value of an aircraft based on the intelligence provided by the Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest and its staff.”

Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest includes more than 3,000 specific-year models of general aviation aircraft that are thoroughly researched each quarter. Each aircraft entry includes a list of all applicable airworthiness directives with a brief description of each. The book also features a comprehensive avionics section that covers equipment from the basic to the highly complex, an engine section that provides overhaul costs and factory-recommended Time Between Overhauls (TBOs), a guide that provides information for valuing engine maintenance programs and a valuation table to assist in valuating interiors and paint.  

Aircraft Bluebook products include the following:

  • Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest print edition. Available in the standard print format, The Aircraft Bluebook is updated every quarter for the latest market values on all types of business and general aviation aircraft.

  • Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest CD-ROM. This version provides the same information as the print edition, only in CD-ROM format. It is also updated quarterly.

  • Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest Online Edition. This online database of The Aircraft Bluebook is designed to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and timely assessment of the aircraft market.

  • Aircraft Bluebook Fleet Manager. This product allows clients to manage their portfolio of aircraft online with the ability to track current and historical values of each aircraft.

  • Historical Value Reference. This online historical guide gives users 25 years’ worth of general aviation aircraft prices, divided by quarter. Each individual year and model of all aircraft listed in the Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest is portrayed in historical graph and table form.

Based in Overland Park, Kan., Aircraft Bluebook is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association.

“Being an associate member of the National Aircraft Resale Association has been an integral part of my involvement in the business aviation industry,” Janssens says. “The expert counsel and advice I have received over the years from NARA members has been invaluable. Without such networking opportunities that are afforded as an associate member of NARA, my own expertise would have been limited. As one whose primary function is to investigate and report on aircraft values, having reliable information in imperative. I can depend on NARA members for accurate, definitive and time-sensitive information that will assist me in my objective.”

For more information about Aircraft Bluebook, visit their website at http://www.aircraftbluebook.com/ or call 913-967-1913.

Posted on: September 18, 2012