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2012 Was Growth Year for National Aircraft Resale Association

By Paul Kirby, Managing Partner of Cerretani Aviation, LLC, and Chairman of NARA

It has been nearly a year since I started my term as Chairman of the National Aircraft Resale Association. At that time, the NARA Board of Directors believed it was important for the NARA membership to grow and include even more of the world’s leading aircraft dealers and brokers. By increasing membership numbers, the association as a group expands its collective knowledge and experience, adding value to each member company and individual as well as their respective customers.  

I am pleased to announce that in addition to the two new members we added at our spring meeting, we have six new Broker/Dealer member candidates and three new Associate member candidates that will likely be accepted in to NARA membership at the fall meeting to be held Monday, October 29, at the Peabody hotel in Orlando, Fla.

I am also pleased with how the information and speakers shared at NARA’s spring and fall meetings have continued to improve, providing NARA members with more valuable content, which in turn gives their customers a competitive advantage.

In early 2012, NARA also started this blog and began contributing informative articles to World Aircraft Sales magazine. We have had a positive response to these activities, all of which are meant to show how and why working with a NARA Dealer or Associate member adds value to aircraft buyers, owners and operators.

We also revised the NARA Code of Ethics for the first time in the association’s history. Expanding the previous 12-point code that was applicable mostly to dealers and brokers to a 14-point code with points aimed at associate companies better recognizes the importance and value NARA’s Associate members add to the group. This strict, peer-enforced code continues to distinguish NARA and its members in the pre-owned aircraft marketplace.

I am pleased that NARA continues to provide members with excellent networking opportunities, access to an immense collective knowledge and distinguishing ethical standards. NARA is well-positioned to continue to build on its success in 2013.

Posted on: October 25, 2012