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AIC Title Prides Itself in Providing Great Service and Value

AIC Title Service, LLC, is a respected aviation title and escrow service provider committed to delivering the highest level of service and value for its customers. AIC’s service menu includes escrow services, title reports, FAA document filing, international registry, 1031 like-kind tax-deferred exchanges, title insurance, lien clearance services and title examination.  

According to Stephan Asper, senior vice president of marketing with AIC Title, one of the company’s big differentiators is its use of technology in the automation of records tracking, keeping and filing.

“Conducting aircraft title searches, record pulls, escrow and closing documentation have depended for years upon paperwork and physical paper record files,” Asper says. “It has been our goal to bring automation to the process and bring aircraft title records into the digital age.”

AIC’s title transfers, closings, escrow and re-registration services rely on online forms and secure access. Title searches can even be requested and ordered online with a form submittal. Online ordering makes the process easier for customers and makes them more efficient, Stephan says.

Digitization also makes record-keeping easier and more accurate. Every week, the company downloads hundreds of thousands of records from the FAA records office. And in title searches and examinations, every document that AIC obtains, files and finds is digitally copied, scanned and stored in its electronic filing system, which has redundant backups both on- and off-site.

AIC treats these records with the utmost in care because the company represents the records needs of aircraft owners and operators worldwide. AIC’s record experts understand that these documents can help clear title issues for aircraft owners. On the flipside, if these records are not researched, protected and documented properly, they can cause undue stress for operators, if not cost them money or even the aircraft itself.

“Our strategy is simple,” Asper says. “We treat every customer and every deal personally. We employ a core group of seasoned professionals who do their jobs very well. And we deliver service to our clients with energy, enthusiasm and a smile.”

One of the most unique parts of AIC’s automation is the company’s Escrow Tracker. With this system, all members of the escrow team are identified and a checklist is made tallying the items each person is responsible for obtaining, submitting and signing. Whenever an item on the checklist is received or moved, notification is sent to all parties involved, keeping the transaction moving and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

“It provides a method of accountability that can help keep a transaction moving forward,” Stephan says. “Everyone involved can quickly identify if something is missing or someone didn’t yet follow through with a required component. Feedback from customers is that they love this system because it makes their jobs easier and allows them to be more efficient with their time and money.”

Based in Oklahoma City, Okla., AIC Title is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).  

“As an association, NARA members and associate members are the leaders and key players in the industry,” Stephan says. “The opportunities to network with them, share information and learn from them are infinite. I also value NARA’s code of ethics and the fact that they take that code very seriously, policing their members and encouraging the highest integrity in all aspects of the aircraft sales and acquisitions process.”

For more information about AIC Title Service, LLC, visit their website at aictitle.com or call 405-948-1811.

Posted on: October 9, 2012