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Wetzel Aviation Provides Aircraft Brokerage With a Personal Touch

Wetzel Aviation is an aircraft brokerage company that specializes in acquiring and selling turbine aircraft worldwide with honesty, integrity and a commitment to finding and obtaining the best value for its customers.

“We believe in a hands-on approach to aircraft transactions and value face-to-face contact,” says Jack Wetzel, CEO of Wetzel Aviation. “We know we’ve done our job when the client has an excellent experience from start to finish.”

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the purchase and sale of all types of aircraft, from turboprops to light and mid-sized jets, Wetzel Aviation believes in creating relationships and understanding the customer’s goals.

When acquiring an aircraft, that means looking at the client’s mission and working with the client to determine how the aircraft will be used, the preferences for cabin size and speed, range requirements, etc. Once these are determined and an aircraft type is chosen, the Wetzel acquisition experts will locate the best overall value from the available fleet, ensuring nothing is overlooked and that the client can put the aircraft into operation worry-free.

When selling an aircraft, Wetzel representatives analyze the competitive marketplace to determine the aircraft’s “true” value as opposed to focusing on the asking price. From there, they are able to recommend a realistic sale price, advertise the aircraft in a variety of media outlets, facilitate professional photography and sell the asset in a reasonable timeframe.

Along the way, Wetzel representatives recommend experienced vendors and assist with details such as pre-buy inspections, international registry, 1031 exchanges, and many more.

“Our main purpose is to take care of the details and facilitate the closing process, making life easier for our clients,” Wetzel says.

Based in Englewood, Colo., Wetzel Aviation recently joined the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).

“Becoming a NARA member represents quality and integrity within the aircraft dealer community,” Wetzel says. “It means that we are part of a network of colleagues that also value doing business the right way with a primary emphasis on ethics. We are honored to be included in this association.”

For more information about Wetzel Aviation, visit their website at http://www.wetzelaviation.com or call 303-468-4800.

Posted on: December 6, 2012