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Nearly 400 aircraft for sale at NARAAircraft.com

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) has a new comprehensive website that lists nearly 400 aircraft for sale by manufacturer and model. The Find an Aircraft portal on the NARAAircraft.com website provides aircraft buyers and site visitors quick access to a complete and updated listing of aircraft for sale or lease by nearly 40 NARA Certified Brokers and Dealers.

The easy-to-use drop-down search menu lets buyers search by manufacturer or model. The current NARA Broker/Dealer aircraft inventory is presented with links for each aircraft that take buyers to the website of the listing Broker or Dealer. There, prospective buyers can find complete details about the aircraft and contact information. The aircraft listings are updated weekly.

Providing quick access to the entire Certified NARA Broker/Dealer inventory, in one central location from the website, aids buyers looking for aircraft and sellers getting ready to list their aircraft for sale. The website is generating a substantial number of site visitors interested in aircraft transactions.
All 88 NARA members follow a strict NARA Code of Ethics and the Broker/Dealer members must pass a rigorous certification process to assure the highest standards when buying and selling previously owned aircraft. Ultimately, they are recognized as NARA Certified Aircraft Brokers and Dealers.

NARA Products and Services Members also adhere to the NARA Code of Ethics. NARA Products and Services Members include specialties in Analysis and Data, Financing and Leasing, Fuel and Flight Planning, Hourly Cost Maintenance, Insurance, IRS 1031 Exchange, Legal, Tax and Title, Maintenance/Overhaul, Maintenance Tracking, and Training and Publishing services.

To access the new Find an Aircraft section and view the current fleet of NARA Certified Broker/Dealer aircraft for sale or lease, visit www.NARAaircraft.com.

Posted on: May 12, 2015