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IADA Reports Thriving Sales Volume Despite Global Economic Tensions 3Q Market Report Released at NBAA-BACE

 IADA Reports Thriving Sales Volume 

Despite Global Economic Tensions

3Q Market Report Released at NBAA-BACE

ORLANDO, Oct. 18, 2022 – The International Aircraft Dealers Association’s 2022 Third Quarter Market Report documents a flourishing resale market for business aircraft with a balanced outlook for the next six months. The industry report, which includes validated sales data and candid market perceptions from transaction experts, was released by the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) here at the start of the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

Closed transactions by IADA dealers during the 2022 third quarter remained strong at 331 sales transactions, compared to 340 in the third quarter of 2021. Year-to-date IADA dealers have completed 929 deals, up even from the frantic pace set in 2021 with 869 transactions over the equivalent period. With over 60 percent of transactions in cash, global buyers and sellers seem somewhat immune to rising interest rates.

“Obviously, from the international perspective, stability in Europe and Asia are wildcards for the future, however used aircraft sales were strong in the third quarter and the fourth quarter outlook is encouraging,” said newly installed IADA Chair Zipporah Marmor. Marmor is Vice President of Aircraft Transactions at ACASS, headquartered in Montreal, with offices in the U.S., Europe, Asia, India, and the Mideast/Africa.

“The collective sentiment of IADA members is that traditionally heavy fourth quarter volume will be driven by the phase-out of 100 percent bonus depreciation in the U.S., airline cutbacks to smaller cities spurring first-time buyers, and cash availability for most aircraft purchases,” she added.

Third quarter survey responses from IADA membership show a slight increase in supply while demand remains stable for the next six months in the markets for turboprops and light, mid-size, and ultra-long-range jets. Pricing across all aircraft categories is also projected to be steady. To download the complete 2022 Third Quarter Market Report, go tohttps://aircraftexchange.com/market-report.

What Are the Experts Saying?

IADA’s market report is a product of trusted opinions by aircraft transaction experts, backed by hard sales data. It incorporates quantitative resale information from IADA's exclusive marketing tool, AircraftExchange.com, and qualitative survey data from IADA members. Below are some of their comments.

“The market has returned to a much more reasonable mood. Buyers in the market took a summer pause due to bad economic headlines and a small incremental increase in inventory across most all makes/models. That pause is over, as evidenced by brisk activity and offers across the spectrum of the market.” – Shawn Dinning, Senior Partner, Dallas Jet International

“Our feeling that ‘the end is near’ continues to be proven wrong by activity in the markets, where demand continues to outpace supply and values have remained very close to their recent highs.” – Paul Kirby, Executive Vice President, QS Partners

“Global stability (Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, China) are the biggest wildcards out there. Sanctions may be useful tools for global policy, but they could also impede aircraft transactions.” – Greg Cirillo, Founding Member, HCH Legal

“I do feel there will be a strong fourth quarter, mostly driven by year-end tax-driven buyers.” – Kyle Wagman, Director of Aircraft Transactions and Consulting, Leading Edge Aviation Solutions

IADA-accredited dealers are active in all areas of the world, many in multiple regions. Nearly every dealer does business in North America, 56 percent of dealers operate in Europe, 44 percent are active in Latin America, 42 percent do business in Asia and the Pacific region and 39 percent work in the Middle East and Africa.

IADA'sAircraftExchange marketing search portal is the only site where every aircraft listed for sale is represented by an accredited dealer. AircraftExchange enables users to create a confidential dashboard of business jets for sale, filtered based on their features and amenities, class size, age, and price. Users can browse through data-rich listings for available business aircraft. For more info go tohttps://www.AircraftExchange.com.

Aboutthe International Aircraft Dealers Association

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 30 years ago, promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry. IADA's dealers consist of the top 12 percent of the world's experts who handle 46 percent of used business aircraft sales.IADA accredited dealers buy and sell more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world’s dealers combined, annually averaging over 1,100 transactions and $10 billion in volume.

IADA offers the world's only accreditation program for dealer organizations and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers lofty standards of ethical business practices and transparency in aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace.IADA members participate in a program of ongoing education to remain current on best practices and new developments in acquiring and selling business aircraft.

To earn accreditation, IADA dealers must meet tough accreditation standards, receive sponsorship from current IADA-accredited aircraft dealers and undergo a formal review process. IADA-accredited aircraft dealers agree to adhere toa strict code of ethics that ensures fully transparent transactions between IADA dealers and aircraft buyers. IADA also represents a variety of IADA-verified product and aviation services that operate with the highest professional standards in the industry. For more info go to https://www.iada.aero.

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Posted on: October 19, 2022