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NARA Establishes New Direction, Certification for Dealer/Broker Members

Launch New Brand, Website and Blog for Association

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) has announced its new certification requirement for Dealer/Broker members and released its new brand with a completely new website, NARAaircraft.com, blog and graphic logo, at today’s annual fall meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more than 23 years, NARA Members have always upheld the highest standards in the industry for conducting new and pre-owned aircraft transactions and now there is a certification process to support this commitment. Select aircraft brokers and dealers achieve and maintain NARA Certification through meeting the strict criteria that includes passing a rigorous application process, participating in a continuing education program and adhering to the 14 points in the NARA Code of Ethics. NARA Certified Brokers/Dealers must also remain current on the latest developments and best practices for acquiring and selling business aircraft while constantly striving to improve the quality of their services, products and operations.

“The NARA Certified Broker/Dealer branding that we have developed will set our association members apart from the rest of the brokerage population in our industry today,” commented Brad Harris, NARA Chairman for the past year. “At the core of our association’s direction is the higher standard in which we all choose to conduct our business. We want aircraft buyers and sellers to know about the NARA difference and seek out a NARA Certified Member. Buyers can be confident that they are working with the most respected, highly experienced brokers/dealers in the industry and that a NARA Certified Broker will always look after the best interest of their customers,” added Harris.

While maintaining the integrity and equity of the NARA brand, the logo has been updated with a new look and feel. NARA Certified or NARA Member options below the new graphical image are available for Members to proudly display.

NARA is moving in a direction that reaches out to buyers, sellers, owners and operators before they have engaged with a dealer, broker or service provider to deliver a value proposition that separates them from the rest of the brokers. This client focus was the main driver for the new website design. Now site visitors to NARAaircraft.com can now find any NARA Member based on location, making it easier than ever to find a nearby member. Website visitors will also be able to learn more about the new NARA Certification, access bios on all the member companies, view the NARA Code of Ethics and reach the new NARA blog. 

The NARA Perspective is not just a new name for the association’s blog but a new direction that will focus on views and information regarding the industry and community that clients of NARA Members can relate to and find enriching. The new blog will be posted twice monthly and will be written by industry insiders, journalists, and other experts from the business aviation world. 

Another modification introduced at the NARA fall membership meeting is that the Associate Members, as they were formerly known as, will now be recognized as NARA Products and Services Members. Currently there are 39 NARA business aircraft Products and Services Members that promise to deliver the highest quality service and adhere to the NARA Code of Ethics.

Posted on: October 21, 2013