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IADA Companies Poised to Make Presence Felt at NBAA-BACE


IADA Companies Poised to Make Presence Felt at NBAA-BACE

Capturing 50% of Preowned Market Share, Generating over $11 billion in Annual Sales

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 25, 2023 – Members of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) will once again be a force at the 2023 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), to be held here Oct. 17-19. Hundreds of representatives from IADA companies are expected to attend the event and IADA’s annual fall meeting, to be held in Las Vegas the day before the convention begins.

"Our aircraft dealers, who currently dominate the resale industry with an impressive 50 percent market share and annual sales amounting to over $11 billion, are eagerly looking forward to another vibrant NBAA-BACE experience in Las Vegas," said Wayne Starling, Executive Director of IADA. "Additionally, we will issue our association's insightful Third Quarter Market Report during the convention,” he added.

The quarterly IADA Market Report covers IADA-accredited dealers’ perceptions about the marketplace taken from its survey of IADA members and actual sales data reported monthly by IADA dealers. It has become a prescient gauge of the market trends due to IADA’s commanding market presence.

NBAA-BACE Finder for IADA Member Companies

At NBAA-BACE, IADA will share Booth N5217 alongside 28 IADA-accredited dealers and 22 IADA-verified products and services members. Furthermore, seven IADA OEM members and two dealers will showcase their own aircraft displays. Six dealers will have their own indoor exhibits, along with 26 IADA-verified products and services members. For a complete listing of IADA member companies and their respective locations at NBAA-BACE, visit https://iada.aero/nbaa-booths.

About the International Aircraft Dealers Association

IADA's dealers consist of the top 17 percent of the world's experts who handle 50 percent of used business aircraft sales. IADA-accredited dealers buy and sell more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world’s dealers combined, averaging over 1,300 transactions and $11.8 billion in volume per year.

Ninety-nine percent of IADA dealers do business in North America, 74 percent of dealers operate in Europe, 58 percent are active in Latin America and the Caribbean, 47 percent do business in Asia and the Pacific region, 43 percent work in the Middle East and 41 percent in Africa. IADA also represents a variety of IADA-verified product and aviation services members that operate with the highest professional standards in the industry. For more info go to https://www.iada.aero.

About AircraftExchange.com

IADA's AircraftExchange marketing search portal is the only site where every aircraft listed for sale is represented by an IADA-accredited dealer. AircraftExchange enables users to create a confidential dashboard of business jets for sale, filtered based on their features and amenities, class size, age, and price. Users can browse through data-rich listings for available business aircraft. For more info go to https://www.AircraftExchange.com.

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Posted on: September 25, 2023