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The National Aircraft Resale Association Begins Blog

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) is known for the expertise and professionalism of its members. It has now started publishing a vehicle to help share their knowledge and industry insights.  

NARA Chairman Paul Kirby, Managing Partner of Cerretani Aviation, LLC, says “The vast knowledge base found in NARA comes from years of experience and the sheer volume of aircraft transactions in which our members are involved. With more than 70 member companies who represent every phase of aircraft acquisition and ownership and who are pledged to the industry’s most stringent ethical guidelines, we have a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities  in business aviation. We have chosen to share some thoughts through publishment of a blog on the NARA website.”

Blog topics will include profiles of member companies, periodic information about the market and market trends and discussions about some of the main topics in business aviation, including the value of maintenance programs in aircraft resale and the pitfalls that can be found in cross-border aircraft transactions.

To see NARA blog articles, go to the NARA website at www.nara-dealers.com. Click on the “About NARA” tab on the home page. Then click on “blog.” Blog articles will be organized into categories to make finding information about certain topics easier. In the near future, readers will also be able to subscribe to the blog; by signing up, the articles will be pushed out to them when a new one is published.  

“Comments, suggestions and candid feedback on our blog topics and information is always appreciated,” says Devri Pitts, Independent Association Director. “We look forward to starting conversations between NARA members and others within and even outside the business aviation industry.”

Posted on: February 27, 2012