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Deadline Nears to Apply for IADA Products and Services Membership

July 1, 2019 - The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) is accepting applications until July 31, 2019 to become a Products and Services member of the organization. Products and Services members are companies whose primary focus is related to the support of aircraft transactions, whether their expertise is finance, legal, tax, escrow, or maintenance.

The membership application process for Products and Services membership begins with an applicant completing the standard application. As part of the application process, the candidate should ask three IADA members for their support as a sponsor.

"To be considered for a Products and Services membership in IADA, applicants should contact Devri Pitts, IADA's Independent Association Director, at devri@iada.aero prior to the July 31 deadline," said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. "We plan to hold membership votes twice a year and the next one will be at our fall meeting."

"As a global organization, IADA influences and shapes the aircraft transaction industry," said IADA Products and Services Member Advisory Council Chairman Stephan Asper, Senior Vice President of Marketing for AIC Title Service. "It is the acknowledged leader in developing standards for efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions, valued by highly skilled aircraft transaction professionals and viewed by them as crucial to their success."

IADA Products and Services members include companies engaged in: Aircraft Management & Charter, Aircraft Manuals, Aircraft Valuations, Education & Training, Escrow Services, Financing & Leasing, Flight Planning, Fractional Aircraft Program, Fuel, Hourly Cost Maintenance, Industry Publications, Insurance, Maintenance & Overhaul Services, Maintenance Tracking, Operations & Management and Tax & Title.

Working for business aircraft owners globally, IADA provides a facility for professional standards, ethics and exchange of information among its members and to the public for the purpose of creating a more efficient market, facilitating transactions and providing transparency into the transaction process, thereby increasing business aircraft ownership and usage worldwide.

For more info about IADA go to IADA.aero.

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Posted on: July 1, 2019